2020-2021 AUDITIONS


The Dance Team holds between 16-22 members. Returners are required to re-audition every year and are not guaranteed a spot on the team.


Auditions will be only through Video Submission format

Please see more information below

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Videos must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on April 15th

Video auditions

We will only be accepting video audition submissions. Please submit your video by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, April 15th. In it please include :


  • A short introduction including your name, where you are from, your dance experience, and your major. 

  • Required Skills (please film in this order): 

    • 2 eight counts of High Kicks on right and left side (Please show from the side AND front so height of kicks can be seen.)

    • Splits (right, left, center)

    • Turns (at least double on the right, 2 eight counts of turns in second into a double)

    • Jumps (standard right and left leap and in second position)

    • Optional. Please include any tricks, acro, tumbling, headspring etc. 

  • Routines: 

    • 1:00 minute footage of dancing. Pom or jazz style. Could be from pep gig, performance, recital...etc. Must be able to see you clearly.

  • After reviewing your video, we may send you a short routine to learn and send back to us by 11:59 PM on April 30th. 

  • Candidates must be available on May 2nd between 1-7 for a FaceTime interview with the judges. 


Please wear a sports bra, booty shorts, and jazz shoes. Hair must be down and performance ready.


Please email your video to cvp11@miami.edu

Tryout Schedule


5:30PM-6:00 PM Registration

6:00PM-6:15PM Group warm-up

6:15PM-7:00PM Across the floor combination

*Announcement of candidates advancing to round 2*

7:00PM-9:30PM  Jazz combination



9:30AM Group warm-up

10:00AM-11:30AM Kicks, Splits and Jazz Combination

*Announcement of candidates advancing to round 3*

11:30AM-1:00PM Pom Routine

*Announcement of Interview Candidates*

1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch

2:00PM-7:00PM Interviews

*Announcement of 2020-2021 Miami Hurricanettes and team meeting*



WHat to expect

Please wear a sports bra, booty shorts, and jazz shoes. Hair must be down and makeup performance ready.



We will begin with an across the floor combination. The combination will consist of 2-3 eight counts repeated. It will include turns, leaps, kicks..etc.  Judges look for dance technique as well as performance and athleticism. Dancers will then learn a jazz routine and a kick combination.



Dancers will be divided into small groups of 2-3 and showcase splits and kicks and perform the jazz routine. They will then be taught and evaluated on a UMiami fight song.


Please dress in business attire and be prepared to present yourself in a professional manner. Judges value appearance and honesty when evaluating potential team members. 


The selected squad members will be announced at the end of tryouts.


Tryouts last as long as it takes the judges to make their decisions. We hope to be done by 7:00 PM, but be prepared for an earlier or later finish. Please bring snacks and water to help get you through the long day of auditions.


There will be a meeting for the newly selected team members immediately following tryouts.

Time commitment



Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:30-6:00 PM

Select Saturdays 9:00-12:00 PM

Football Saturdays and select away games will occupy the entire day

Dance team members must be back in Miami prior to camp which is at least 10 days before school starts. 




Performances include athletic, campus, alumni, media and community service events throughout the year:


  • all home football games and potential Bowl Game


  • select home men's and women's basketball games 


  • Sponsorship promotions, potential media events, photoshoots 


  • various campus events including: pep rallies, recognition ceremonies, College Game Day etc.


  • various alumni events including: homecoming events, presentations, award ceremonies.. etc.




Unfortunately, all upcoming prep clinics and our on-campus auditions on May 1st-2nd have been cancelled due to COVID-19.  Information regarding video audition submissions can be found on our website.  We look forward to reviewing all video applicants in the coming weeks!  If you have any further questions email us at: